"Gripping page-turner." Justin Setliff

"Nonstop scary thrill ride." Amazon Customer

"Couldn't put it down." Richard Ross

"The best of the best." Marilyn DeKam

"You need to read this one." Jeff Kirk

"McLeay: A star is born." Douglas Winslow Cooper

"A remarkable work."  Gerry Rzeppa

"The best thriller I've read in the last 12 months." Goodreads reader

Reviews for The Cicada Prophecy:

Reviews for Unlucky Day:

"A riveting and fascinating read." Alison Cope Emann

"One of a kind thriller." Jesse Handley

"A wonderful, scary thought-provoking book." Alice Ann McCabe

"If this is what medical thrillers look like these days - I'm in!" Patricia Fairweather Romero

"Compelling thriller for intellectuals." Adam Kossack

"Best science fiction book of 2016." Books, Books, and More Books